How to share your travel photos

How to share your travel photos ?

During a trip or when’we are back from vacations, sometimes hundreds of photos and videos have been taken. These travel memories are often shared with friends and family during a trip’a “slide” evening at home. That’when it comes to’You want to share your travel photos with your friends and family from a distance ? This article establishes the different ways to share your travel photos, the advantages and disadvantages depending on the method used.

Here is how to share your travel photos online:

There are different ways to share your travel photos online, but obviously not all of them are equal. L’The desire to share one’s discoveries can sometimes push connected travelers to choose the least good one to share. We make the tour of the different solutions.

Sharing photos on Facebook (and social networks)

facebook changes your photos

C’is obviously the most convenient but also the most risky way. As we all know, social networks are not reliable. In addition to running great risks for his privacy, it is clearly established that the risk of hacking is very high.

Regarding Facebook (and certainly the other services of the multinational company such as WhatsApp and Instagram), this article also explains that the photos are modified so that they can be tracked. If you value your privacy and really want to share your travel memories online, you should avoid choosing this type of platform.

The American Storage Clouds

Again, there are many hacks. Many of the’Many articles alert Internet users to the various problems associated with the Internet’private use of this type of platform. iCloud, Dropbox, Google photo to name the most famous have all been hacked at some point.

Most of these multinationals have a lot of experience in this field’elsewhere recognized to have been hacked, and even if they admit to have corrected their flaws, these services being public, they are frequently subject to new hacks. Photo storage clouds are useful and practical, but very risky to use when’it s’acts of private photos.

Share photos by email

Unpractical and really not adapted, photo sharing by email is not what you want’are waiting for travelers who want to share a large number of photos with their contacts. I don’t even talk about videos, too heavy to be sent by email;


It is quite possible to share a lot of photos and videos of your travels via WhatsApp. You can create a group and add a selection of contacts to share with them. But you should know that WhatsApp is one of the many services of Facebook, and therefore the contents and privacy are also subject to the same kind of risks as the social network. Nothing prevents you from sharing pictures of landscapes or your discoveries during your trip, but we recommend d’avoid sharing photos where you appear via this mailbox.

Better safe than sorry.

A private travel photo space

private online travel photo bookAs you have seen, there is a lack of solutions when it comes to’you want to share photos and videos of your trip with your friends and family, without risking your privacy. Yet it is quite possible to do it. Platforms and services exist and offer secure and reliable photo sharing.

How to share travel photos in private, only with your friends and family ? can be done via the “Share Photos”” which offers a simple solution without danger for your privacy.

In a few clicks, you can create an online travel photo book, web and mobile, invisible on search engines, only accessible by invitation and password. Your “guests” who n’do not need to create an account, can be done’Finally, there is nothing to stop you from logging in and accessing your travel photos, once you have published them. Without advertising, without using data, you remain the master on board and the only owner of your contents.

mobile photo sharing

From your cell phone, publish in your private space, all your photo albums and videos: your guests are notified by email when there are updates in your private travel diary.

You can thus create a temporary travel space in which you can share photos as well as videos. In short, it’s’is a free and complete sharing service in terms of features, very practical to share during a trip or when you are on the road’we’re back.

L’registration is free and allows you to test everything for an unlimited time. Finally, there is nothing to stop you from connecting and accessing’print your photos on paper albums and organize a traditional slide show at home !