What are the best shows of Puy du Fou Lebaladin

What are the best shows of the Puy du Fou ?

The Puy du Fou is a destination for shows with many demonstrations to discover for the happiness of children and adults. If you want to be amazed during your visit to the Grand Parc, discover the must-see shows.

The cinescene

During your first visit to the Puy du Fou, the show that is not to be missed and that will probably be the most recommended is the Cinescénie. A world-famous show featuring 2,500 volunteers who devote their Friday and Saturday evenings to the show’summer in Puy du Fou. These puyfolais retrace the history of the region’The exhibition is held on a 28-hectare site in the open air for nearly a year’1h30.

A dazzling show that is part of the Puy du Fou’s list of nighttime shows, mixing games of fun and adventure’actors, pyrotechnics and games’water that retraces the history of the area’The story of little Jacques who, one night, was killed in a fire’The second one, in the summer, goes to meet his ancestor and crosses the world’history of his family from Vendée. A show imagined and directed by Philippe de Villiers and passed down from generation to generation in the families of the region.

The Ball of the Ghost Birds

If you like animals, go and discover the ball of the ghost birds. In this open-air show, a young girl wakes up from her sleep’A never-ending nap and find his friend. Gambolling on the walls of their fortress, the young women recall their memories of the past’Take a trip back in time to the childhood, spent with animals and especially with birds.

As the minutes go by, the birds fly by’The birds fly close to the astonished spectators: owls, vultures, eagles, many species are present, all protected by the European Union’association : The League for the protection of birds of Vendée.

After having come close to rare birds, prepare yourself to experience a dazzling spectacle: a cloud of water that traces the history of the world’The birds will start to fly a few centimeters above your head. A real aerial choreography that will probably overwhelm you and allow you to take beautiful pictures.

The Vikings

Take a leap into the past in the heart of the Village of the Vendée’An Mil, a part of the Grand Parc that can be visited during the day but is also the home of the Vikings show. In the course of’a beautiful day of’In a medieval era, a young couple is forced to leave their home’You are about to live the most beautiful day of your life by saying YES to each other. But the ceremony is interrupted by the’arrival of’a viking ship that rises from the waves.


While the village is set on fire with great stunts, visual effects and specials under the amazed eyes of the spectators, the newlyweds show their love for each other’a great courage and faith helps them to get out of this situation. An ideal show to discover with your family, it will probably not leave you indifferent.

The secret of the spear

Everyone knows the tragic story of Joan of Arc’Arc, a young woman who heard voices (the word of God) and was burned on a pyre, accused of witchcraft. Did you know that the young woman passed through the Vendée during her journey ? C’The Secret of the Lance is an epic show with many horses and a jousting match.

La Roche sur Yon - Puy du Fou

If the knights and Joan of Arc’Arc are present, the key protagonist of the’The story is about a young woman who has to guard the castle in the’absence of the fighters. Demonstrating a willingness to share’With great courage, she manages to protect the building from being damaged’an enemy attack.

The knights of the round table

Another great name in travel’The story of the Middle Ages is King Arthur, a young man who wins the throne and the crown by removing the sword’s Escalibur sword’a rock from which only he could get to the bottom of’extract. The Knights of the Round Table allows you to relive the tale in the company of King Arthur of course but also Merlun and the White Lady. Mermaids, magic and sorcery effects will transport you in the’The mystical universe of this adventure, of the’This is especially true in the final tableau where the famous round table emerges from the sea’water to welcome the knights, advice from the king.

The last plume

A last show to discover absolutely during your visit to the Puy du Fou: the last plume. A show where you can relive the adventures of the’a French naval officer who fought in the Second World War’American independence. A recognized fighter who s’is yet removed from the path that’He was told to fight for what he thought was right and the struggles of the people.

In addition to a touching story that is not only about the king, but also about the king himself’This show is extraordinary and unique in the world, as it is staged in 1793, in a final fight for freedom. In fact, in a circular interior room, the stage rotates around the audience, allowing everyone to discover huge and very different scenes, transporting you into the 30 minutes of the show.