Annecy the new mayor plans to make wearing a mask mandatory in the old town this summer –

Annecy: the new mayor plans to make wearing a mask compulsory in the old town for this summer

In Annecy and all over France, the tourist season has started well. On weekends, in small town centers in large tourist areas, social distancing is impossible to maintain. Between typical markets, highly touristy places and monuments that attract thousands of onlookers, wearing a mask could be made compulsory even outside.

A necessary effort to maintain tourism activity ?

For the moment, the new mayor of Annecy, Fran├žois Astorg, did not want to impose the wearing of masks in the old town. However, he said it was a measure to which he would agree if the number of new cases were to increase too quickly in the region. The multiplication of clusters in France is currently very worrying and local measures could be necessary.

Wearing a mandatory mask may be perceived as too restrictive by many tourists, but the professionals in the sector know that they cannot afford a second confinement. If visiting Annecy means wearing a mask this summer, the mayor hopes that everyone will comply for the sake of the residents and the local economy.

Do not relax caution during the vacations

The issue of summer vacation poses a major problem in managing the epidemic. The virus is still circulating widely throughout the country and the number of contaminations is on the rise again. It would be unfair to put the responsibility for this situation solely on the French, but not relaxing one’s attention to barrier measures can really make a difference.

This is also what the mayor of Annecy reminded us when he was asked about the possibility of making masks compulsory in the old town. According to him, it is especially necessary that tourists and inhabitants remain cautious. They should avoid gathering and have the reflex to keep their distance.

An inevitable resumption of the epidemic

Nevertheless, it would be counterproductive to blame tourists for the possible risks of the resumption of the epidemic. All the infectious diseases specialists and epidemiologists questioned on the subject have come to the same conclusion: the resumption of the epidemic is inevitable because the government has put in place a containment plan that makes it possible.

Indeed, the objective of deconfinement was to resume economic life as soon as possible, even if it meant a second confinement. An understandable strategic choice, but it is useless to be surprised when the consequences occur. It is therefore necessary to remain cautious during the tourist season for one’s own health and that of others, without preventing oneself from living and making the economy work, especially the tourism economy.