What means of transportation to use when traveling in Canada

Which means of transportation to use when traveling in Canada ?

Canada is a huge country, bordered on the East by the Atlantic Ocean and on the West by the Pacific Ocean. Almost 5,000 kilometers separate Toronto from Vancouver. When you plan your trip to this North American country, you can rightly ask yourself what means of transportation to use. Everything depends on your project.

Let’s explore the possibilities together.

By car, one of the best ways to travel in Canada

To travel across Western Canada, the best solution is to drive. Within the framework of a trip, it is possible to use the services of a car rental company. From this point of view, it is important to know a few things.

First of all, you need to know that Be at least 21 years old in order to be able to drive in Canada.

Choosing the right bank card

The rental companies require that the driver has a valid car licence Visa or Mastercard. The credit card is a guarantee for the renters. Depending on the agency, you may encounter problems when paying the deposit.

Some of them do not accept immediate debit cards. Credit cards, with deferred debit, are preferred.

Before your trip, it is essential to check with your rental company that it supports your type of card. It is also recommended that you contact your banker who will be able to suggest solutions depending on your destination.

French and international driver’s license

The French driver’s license is recognized in Canada. It is therefore accepted by the rental companies when signing the contract. In rare cases, some rental companies may ask for an international driver’s license. As a precaution, we invite you to request this document from your local prefecture. To benefit from a faster delay, make your request from the service-public website.en.

The process is free of charge, but you will need to send a passport photo and a stamped envelope at the 50 gram rate.

All major car rental companies are present in Canada. Thus, to rent a car in Canada, it is possible to go through an expert like Sixt, which offers high quality vehicles at very affordable prices. It is an efficient solution to travel comfortably through the magnificent landscapes of the country.

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Discover Western Canada by motor home

To spice up your road trip, it is possible to rent a camper van to cross Canada from East to West. To give you an idea of the extent of the journey, you should know that it takes 4,900 kilometers to reach Vancouver from Montreal. This represents, by car, a 45 hour journey.

It will take a little longer in a motorhome.

This means of transportation allows you to discover the Canadian immensity at your own pace. You can fully immerse yourself in a wild and authentic nature. C’is definitely one of the most economical ways to travel with your family.

Crossing Canada by plane

If you wish to travel long distances in a minimum of time, you can opt for the plane. Several airlines connect Montreal to Vancouver in 5.5 hours. The Canadian airport network is quite rich. All of Canada’s major cities are very well connected to each other.

It is quite easy to find flights to the United States of America.

West Jet and Air Canada offer many domestic flights. Fares are quite high depending on the time of year. It is therefore recommended to plan your trips a few months in advance to limit travel costs.

Canada by train

The Canadian rail network is not equipped for high-speed trains. If you choose The train to travel across Canada, You must be patient and able to invest a certain amount of money. The train named “Le Canadien” connects Toronto to Vancouver between 4 and 14 days depending on the formula you wish to acquire.

The journey covers a distance of 4,466 kilometers, passing through stunningly beautiful boreal forests. The train remains the’one of the most pleasant and comfortable ways to travel in Canada.

Now that you know how to travel in Canada, all you have to do is plan your travels to this country of stunning beauty and fabulous culture. There are many activities to do in Canada to marvel at.