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Macaroon making courses in Paris

You are pastry lovers in general and macaroons in particular, these small tasty cakes that delicately melt on your taste buds. Macaroons are very easy to make. And if you live in Paris or come and discover Paris, Several cooking classes are available to help you become a macaroon specialist.

Let’s discover the macaroons and the different proposals for making them in Paris macaroon in the city of Paris.

Definition and history of macaroons in Paris

The macaroons are small lumpy and melting sweets made from almonds. They have a round shape with a diameter ranging from 3 to 5 cm. However, the recipe and the presentation of the macaroons differ according to the pastry chef who made them. Macaroons are the culinary specialty of many French cities and regions, all of which claim to have invented them.

And yet, the macaroon is of Italian origin. Indeed, the Italians have been making them since the 14th century. It started from the “fine paste” to become the amaretti, which is a crunchy cake but not as fondant as the macaroon. It is in the 16th century that the macaroon appeared in France as ordinary cookies.

Its making evolved until the 1830’s when Parisian pastry chefs had the ingenious idea of sticking these simple cookies in pairs and decorating them with the ganache. This is how the Parisian macaron was born, which is part of the best in France and in the world. As witnessed by the plethora of tourists who are ready to wait in long lines just to offer themselves these delicious little cakes made of almonds, sugar and egg whites.

Macaroons are simply irresistible. You can concoct your own macaroon recipe according to your desires.

Different macaroon making courses available in Paris

Paris is the city for excellence of the macaroon. And you’ll be spoiled for choice among the multitude of macaroon making courses and workshops available in the French capital.

You have “l’Atelier des sens” in the 9th district of Paris which offers you macaroon making courses in the form of workshops which cost between 68 and 90 euros depending on the formula you choose. “L’atelier des gâteaux offers workshops to make macaroons for 45 euros, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. The Cake atelier also offers you some at 95 euros. It is located in the 15th district of Paris and specializes in sweet and savory macaroons. The chefs’ workshop is also known for its macaron-making classes. You can follow them in the 4 th, 8 th, 9 th, 15 th and 2 nd districts of Paris with a budget ranging from 69 to 76 euros for 2 hours of training.

Adults as well as children can also be trained at the “Chef Frédéric les macarons” from 73 euros in the 20th district.

Chief Marthe les macaroons is a specialist in the field and offers courses to make macaroons with two flavors at 133 euros. Ferdinand-Paris for his part gives training in pastry making and especially in macaroon making at 1680 euros for 35 hours of lessons. Find it in Paris 6. “Alexis en cuisine” and “Guy Martin atelier” are not to be outdone.

The first one proposes you workshops of realization of macaroon at home for a price of 40 to 60 euros by apprentice and according to the number of participants. The second one offers you 2 hours of macaroon making lessons for 80 euros in Paris 8.

Macaroons are very popular pastry treats to discover during your visit to Paris. Wherever you are in Paris, you can be trained to make all the macaroons you dream of.