Discover the Puy du Fou for a weekend!

Discover the Puy du Fou for a weekend’a weekend !

You want to spend a unique and unforgettable weekend with your family ? The Puy de Fou is the perfect destination. Located in the Vendée, this large theme park has surprises in store that will delight the hearts of young and old alike. Why does the magic of this mythical park always work for each of its visitors? ?

Live a unique experience at Puy du Fou

Elected best park in the world’s attractions, the Puy du Fou is a space full of emotions’emotions and shows. You can discover jobs that are very different from the ones you are used to’You will discover very rare crafts, a preserved green setting and more than 250 hectares of French gardens. There are also fabulous scenery, reconstructions of historical villages and daring stagings to say the least.

Spending a weekend at Puy du Fou is a unique experience.

For your convenience, in order to get to the Puy du Fou’lighten the’organization of the trip for its visitors, the hotels for your stay at Puy du Fou are directly integrated in the Vendée theme park. We advise you to book your tickets as soon as possible, as this magical place is very popular with fans of sensational shows.

theme park of Puy du Fou

Incredible shows

The second reason why you should absolutely visit the Puy du Fou, are the unusual shows that will take place in the city’There, they unfold. Indeed, the’offers its audience a plethora of unique and original shows. Among these, we can distinguish the Sign of Triumph, which takes place in an impressive Roman arena.

It even includes spectators chosen at random in the queue of the show’waiting to become extras in the show as Romans or Gauls.

We also find the Mousquetaire de Richelieu which takes place indoors. Here, you will experience a cloak and dagger show’which combines duels, equestrian prowess and flamenco ballet. A real treat for the eyes to discover absolutely. The shows of the Secret of the Lance to discover the pirouettes on horseback or the Vikings to attend the stunts and acrobatics are also very impressive.

If you are an animal lover, go to the Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes where more than 330 species of animals are on display’Birds fly between the spectators and the master falconers.

To finish your tour of the Puy du Fou shows, the stop at the Dernier Panache is aptly named. Here, it is the stands that turn to follow the destiny of the city’an officer of the French Navy. Inspired by real facts, this story plunges the spectators into the heart of the 360 degree scenery and accompanied by high definition video projections.

For the occasion, n’don’t forget to ask’bring your handkerchiefs.

An exceptional journey through time at the Puy du Fou

In addition to offering grandiose and unique shows, the Puy du Fou invites you to go back in time. It starts from’elsewhere in l’entrance of the park with the villages which revisit the various important eras of the town’history.

It s’acts in particular :

  • of the Bourg 1900,
  • of the Fort de l’an Mil,
  • of the medieval city.

This journey through time continues in the evening, in the different hotels of the park, notably the Camp du Drap d’gold built in the’image of the 16th century houses. This typical atmosphere is also transcribed in the different restaurants of the Puy du Fou. The shops of’craftsmen are not left out.

The baker of the Medieval City, like his ancestors, proposes bread with chestnut flour. To sum up, discover the Puy du Fou is the best way to spend your weekend with family, friends or lovers.