How to organize a school trip

How to organize a school trip

The school trip has many educational advantages for the students. It is an opportunity for them to learn differently, to be confronted with real life and to discover new things. To make his students live such an experience requires a rigorous preparation at the base.

It goes from the drafting of the pedagogical project, the choice of the destination to obtaining the parents’ approval. Here are some of the key points in the organization of a school trip

Drafting the educational project and finalizing it with the parents

The desire to take students on a field trip must be formalized through the educational project. This document must highlight the key elements: the choice of destination, the objective of the trip and the means required for its organization. It must be clear and concise enough. The paper should be submitted to the school principal.

It will also be part of the application for authorization and funding.

It is also important to specify that the law determines the number of supervisory personnel. According to her, a primary school class requires 2 adults including the teacher. This is the same requirement for a kindergarten class.

For more details, there is additional information to discover on this blog.

The other central issue in the organization is to reassure parents through good communication. It is therefore necessary to organize an information meeting with them. Take advantage of this opportunity to present them with the following documents: parental authorization, excursion rules, etc

Travel authorization and financing of the stay

It is the inspector of the academy who issues the authorization to organize a school trip on the national territory. The request must be made 8 weeks before the beginning of the stay (5 weeks if the place is located in your department).

An authorization of exit of the territory delivered by the town hall or the prefecture is obligatory if the destination of your voyage is located abroad.

As for the financing of your discovery class, it is necessary to establish a provisional budget for your expenses (travel, accommodation, food, etc.).). Take your file and send your requests for financing to the following organizations: European Social Fund, CAF or MSA, JPA association. You also have the possibility to ask for support to associations (parents of students for example).