Disconnect in the sun, direction Seychelles!

Unwind in the sun, heading to Seychelles !

The Seychelles is the dream destination to disconnect and enjoy life in the sun. Tour of’Take time to walk along the beautiful coastline and take a bike ride along the coastline of the island.

Activities to do in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is an idyllic archipelago nestled in the Atlantic Ocean’Indian Ocean, which invites you to relax and enjoy’escape. Fine sandy beaches, heavenly bays with crystal clear waters, palm trees and wild nature await vacationers who have decided to relax in these islands exotic islands at the end of the world. If you choose to travel to the Seychelles, you will have many opportunities to get away from it all and make your getaway a memorable episode in your life.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving in the Seychelles is a must-do activity during a fabulous diving experience in the Seychelles’a stay on these islands ! The exceptional diving sites are numerous and you will easily find magnificent snorkeling spots for a first dive or if you don’t want to go to the beach, you can go to a diving center’Do not have a license. Among the unmissable spots is an amazingly beautiful beach former pirate’s lair. You will have the’You will have the opportunity to swim in the middle of corals, sea turtles or tropical fish in the sea’You can dive in the coral archipelago of the Amirantes, near Mahé or in the national park of Baie Ternay.

trip to the Seychelles

The hikes on land and in the air

Numerous rainforest hiking trails invite you to discover the beauty of the island’a preserved nature in the Seychelles. You can explore the Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahé or go to the top of the park to see the birds’immortalize the breathtaking view. For unforgettable memories with a panoramic view of Victoria, follow the trails of the Three Brothers ! Take the time to walk along the beautiful coastline and ride your bike along the coastline’La Digue Island.

During your stay in the Seychelles, don’t miss a helicopter tour to see the breathtaking beauty of the island’archipelago from the sky.

Must-see spots in Seychelles

If you have decided to take a trip to the Seychelles for two, with friends or family, take the time to visit the must-see places. This destination is only 9 hours flight from Paris.

The Bird Island

The discovery of the Bird Island or the’Birds island will give you a complete change of scene. Indeed, this protected territory is home to millions of fish’birds, from the white terns to the peacocks, passing by the frigates and the swallows. You will have the leisure of’You will have the opportunity to see the breathtaking beauty of the island and to observe the magnificent flight shows of the helicopter’birds that glide, spin or swoop to catch fish.

L’Desroches Island

By visiting the’On Desroches Island, you will have the opportunity to visit the’opportunity to visit two superb natural aquariums in which you can swim. You will also have the chance to discover the marine fauna in the island’Madame Zabre aquarium and La Passe Tambi. You will enjoy’A fabulous diving experience in bright and clear waters.

Take the opportunity to visit the Seychelles by boat: you can stop on the beaches you want or enjoy lazing on board.