Bordeaux is a city much appreciated for its hospitality! Lebaladin

Bordeaux: a city much appreciated for its hospitality !

Known in the past as the “sleeping beauty”, Bordeaux is a dynamic and warm city, where life is good. Bordeaux is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers, not only for its hospitality, but also for its gastronomy, its cultural richness and its architectural heritage. Summer or winter, this city is a vacation destination par excellence, whether as a couple, with family or friends. To stay in comfort, there are many hotels. Discover why Bordeaux is a must for holidaymakers !

Bordeaux: a dynamic and attractive city

Dynamic and attractive, Bordeaux is not a city to be missed’has nothing to envy to other big cities such as Marseille, Lyon or Toulouse. Ranked as the 9th most populated city in France, it is now an unmissable destination in Europe.

The city enjoys’a pleasant climate and’an excellent geographical location, near the Atlantic coast. D’elsewhere, Its attractiveness rests in part on its proximity to the city’ocean and mountains, making it one of the most’It is a very popular destination for vacationers and tourists in the’Hexagon.

Bordeaux is also known as the world capital of wine, notably by hosting the most the world’s largest vineyard of fine wines.

Whether it is the time of’For a weekend or during the vacations, Bordeaux will impress you with its unmissable places and the multitude of activities’activities that’it offers.

Staying in Bordeaux: staying in a hotel

As far as accommodation is concerned, think about staying in a hotel in Bordeaux for enjoy the comfort and the’warm welcome of these establishments, during your stay in the city.

Opting for a hotel is advantageous if you want to make the most of your vacation. Indeed, everything is taken care of by the staff, which will allow you to devote yourself entirely to the visits and activities.

The comfort is also the’one of the key advantages of the city’a stay in the’hotel. You will find everything you need for your vacation relax and enjoy the city’a comfortable setting. In these establishments, the staff is trained to meet the needs of holidaymakers.

If you want to add a blanket, change your clothes’pillow… You will be served ! You will also have the opportunity to’The city has a lot to offer’a comfortable bedding to rest optimally at night.

In addition, you can enjoy one of the’room service, especially for your meals. Most of the hotels in Bordeaux have a’bar and restaurant’You will be able to visit a restaurant, which will save you from worrying about the catering.

Amenities are also among the assets of the hotels in this city, as they are generally located near the main means of transportation and tourist sites. Some even benefit from’a strategic location, not far from the places of interest’tourist interests.

At these establishments, you will find all the necessary information on how to get around the city, the various attractions, etc. The hotels in Bordeaux will give you a warm welcome !

What to do in Bordeaux for your vacation or for the time of your stay’a weekend ?

Bordeaux is full of’s attractions, so you don’You won’t have time to get bored during your vacation. Visit museums, discover the city’a prestigious heritage and a variety of activities are available to make your stay memorable !

Stroll in the historical center

At the time of’a stay in Bordeaux, The historical center is a must to go and meet the medieval Bordeaux (where the Saint-André cathedral with its sculpted portals is majestically enthroned), the’The Sainte-Croix church of saintongeais roman style, of the’the imposing Cailhau gate, etc. A stroll through the narrow streets is a must for a discovery stay.

Take a walk along the quays

Spending your vacation in the city is also an excellent opportunity to take a stroll along the quays. On foot, by streetcar or by bike (renting it at a VCub station), don’t miss the opportunity to discover the most important tourist sites of the city, such as the “La Maison de la Ville” Place de la Bourse, the Cité du Vin or the Pont de Pierre.

Bordeaux, a dynamic and warm city

Wading on the mirror of’water

A place not to be missed located between the Place de la Bourse and the Garonne River, the mirror of’The water of Bordeaux is the largest in the world. C’is a real playground for children and a major tourist attraction worth visiting. From the’Some even have water spraying from the ground, ideal for cooling off when the temperature rises.

You can also admire the reflection of the Place de la Bourse and the quays.

Admire the panorama from the top of the Pey Berland Tower

Classified as a World Heritage Site by the’UNESCO and historical monuments, the Pey Berland Tower dating from the 15th century is also unavoidable. From the top, enjoy the magnificent panorama of the city !

Visit museums

The city of light is a destination of choice for holidaymakers with a thirst for culture, due to the presence of its many museums. Retracing the’history of Bordeaux, the museum of’Aquitaine is the best place to discover the historical past of the city of the city.

The Cap Sciences, an essential scientific museum, offers a multitude of activities’exhibitions adapted to both children and adults’for adults.

With its zoological, mineralogical and paleontological collections, the museum’Natural history is worth a visit for a memorable stay.

The culture lovers will also appreciate :

  • the museum of fine arts with its collections of paintings and sculptures dating from the 15th to the 20th century
  • the Museum of Decorative Arts with its ceramics, engravings, paintings and furniture
  • the museum of’Contemporary art with its many works of art
  • the museum of’maritime history, etc.

If you are traveling with your family, you should know that Bordeaux museums provide a tour or booklet for children.

Take a boat ride on the Garonne River

During your stay in Bordeaux, treat yourself to a cruise on the Garonne in view of’admire the many attractions of the city, including the Place de la Bourse, the mirror of the city and the city’s most famous landmarks’Water, stone bridges and Chaban-Delmas, etc.

Taste the specialties of Bordeaux

Impossible to leave Bordeaux without having enjoy its many specialties, including the famous grooved, a delicious little cake, the lamproie à la bordelaise or the fanchonnette bordelaise. Gourmets will be served !