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Review of the comic book Le bleu est une couleur chaude by Julie Maroh

While Abdelatif Kechiche’s Golden Palm, The Life of Adele is on everyone’s lips, and I wanted to go and discover the comic book behind this film. Blue is a warm color is a comic strip from the year 2000, telling the story of the love between Clementine and Emma, over the years.


“My angel of blue, Blue of the sky, Blue of the rivers, Source of life…” Clementine’s life changes the day she meets Emma, a young girl with blue hair, who makes her discover all the facets of desire. It will allow her to finally face the gaze of others. A tender and sensitive story.


I might as well introduce myself at the outset, I’m a very good reader of comics. I am much more critical of comics than of “Franco-Belgian” comics, and I must admit that I have had great love for works such as Central Park, A Night in Rome or, outside the Franco-Belgian school, for Blankets by Craig Thomson, which will remain for me a really outstanding work.

It is thus with a certain haste that I discovered blue is a warm color, I was expecting an exciting comic book moment, the kind that makes you want to adapt it to the cinema from the first reading…