Discover Limoges attractions and activities

Discover Limoges: must-see attractions and activities

Known for êAs the city of porcelain, Limoges has all the assets of a city of art’a tourist destination idéale. The capital of the Limousin hasès cultural and natural heritage’The city is an exceptional place to visit, not to mention the diversity of its attractionsé activitiesés cultural and natural heritage and tourist infrastructure.

Limoges, a cultural and historical place à whole partère

Limoges is classifiedée City of Limogeséative to the world heritage of the’Unesco since 2017 and City of’art and d’History since 2008. These labels attest to the marvellous quality of theéThe city’s cultural and historical heritage has been preserved and valorized despite the fact that the city has a long historyé the modernityé growing. Limoges hasèof a distinctive architectural heritage.

The city of Limoges is composed of two historical centers, the Upper City and the Lower Cityé. La Ville haute représente, today’today, the main urban area of Limoges. The éold buildings and traditional houses à wood paneling and à half-timbered housesôtoient des bâtions, today’s.

The cityé Limoges is home to most of the old city’s éreligious services that still officiate and welcome visitors whose monument represents the most important part of the cityéLimoges’ most characteristic landmark: the cathedralédrale Saint-Étienne. This part of the city also hosts several éThe city has a distinctive architectural heritage, including ancient buildings and numerous constructions à l’architecture art déco.

In addition, Limoges is aéinto several historical and typical neighborhoods, most of which date back to the Middle Ages Âand the 17th centuryèkey. The Boucherie district, the industrial district of Carnot and the’Abessaille are some of the places not to be missed for those who wish to visit the city’imprintségner of the’atmosphereère authentic Limoges. Locals and guests can choose from two all-inclusive menus, Prestige and Excellenceécient to meet in the city’s most popular squares, including Place Denis-Dossoubs, Place Fontaine des Barres and Cour du Temple.

One cannot talk about the cultural and historical richness of Limoges without mentioning the numerous museums and galleriesées tétion of the passé s radiant architecture, the archaeological remains of the city and theéologicals and underground passagesés de l’èThe Gallo-Roman era as well as the châ17th and 18th century buildingsècles (château de Beauvais, château des Essarts, château de Faugeras, etc.) locatedés outside the city.

Limoges, an ideal destinationéale to recharge your batteries in the closestès of nature

Limoges enjoys’a great locationéographical privilegeségiée. The city is throughée by the Vienne river. Activitiesés de villéThere is no shortage of nature around the riverèpicnics, cruises, etcère…

In addition, in addition to itsès vast rural area, Limoges has 680 hectares of land’green spaces aménagés. These areas beautifully maintained, have earned à the city certified as a flower city « four flowers », in 2017. The garden of’Orsay, créé in the 18th centuryès garden, the’Évêché, The Champ de Juillet, the Victor-Thuillat park, the Emailleurs square, the Parc de l’Auzette 16 ha, the garden of Poudrier are as many d’id placeséals to relaxés groups), but also for all other categories of travelers (singles, couples, families, large groups)èwhile enjoying the beauty of the areaé of nature.

Où Accommodation on board’a séday à Limoges ?

Limoges has a wide range of tourist facilities, including a large variety of apartmentsé d’héaccommodation. Travelers have a wide choice of hotels and restaurantsôsuch a high standard éestablished in the city center and à the countryside. The éThe establishments of the regionébucket B&B hotels à Limoges offers rooms with all the comforts (TV, access to the Internet, etc.)èunlimited accessé to the high speed Wifiébit, etc.) for all categoriesé) for all categories of travelers (singles, couples, families, travel groups)’friends…), à and very competitive pricesès accessible.

Visitors in theête d’authenticityé will opt for the’one of the many gîYou can visit. For more convenienceé and d’privacyé, Nothing beats a vacation rental. Many propertiesétors offer their properties for seasonal rentalère à Limoges.