Vietnam, an enchanting destination

Vietnam, a destination incomparable to other destinations in the world

Want to escape the monotony of everyday life, let yourself be tempted by a stay in Vietnam. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a great place for visitors looking for adventure, discovery and unforgettable memories during their stay. If you wonder why you should choose this country over others, here are the reasons that will convince you for sure.

Culinary delights in Vietnam

Finesse, lightness and diversity of dishes characterize Vietnamese cuisine. Its gastronomy is renowned for its unique flavors that you will be able to tell about. To make its dishes a real delight, nuox-mam sauce, aromatic herbs (basil, tiato, lemongrass…), vegetables are often used. Note that its cuisine is divided into three regions located in the north, south and center.

Each of them is different from the others with special dishes with different tastes.

To taste the delights of this country’s dishes, savor its emblematic dishes, including pho. It is a soup with many flavors. It’s a real treat. You can also try the most popular dishes in Vietnam like bun cha (rice vermicelli with grilled pork), banh xeo (pancake), etc.

While enjoying the culinary delights of the country, you will not regret choosing Vietnam as your destination of choice. Moreover, this country has many other assets such as a unique landscape. Just make sure your trip is well organized by using a local agency in Vietnam.


Incredible landscapes and nature

Vietnam is a country that offers a beautiful sight to see thanks to its various unique landscapes and its exceptional nature. Lush vegetation, sculpted mountains, rice fields, heavenly beaches will be concocted for you by this country.

In addition, it is a country that has 12,000 species of plants. As far as fauna is concerned, it is possible to discover countless species of invertebrates, including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, etc. Nature lovers will be delighted in this beautiful country.

For you to be convinced of the wonders offered by this country, you should visit its national parks like those of Cat Ba, Cat Tien and many others. You will be spoiled for choice, because in this country, there are 30 national parks. If you are a nature lover, you won’t regret choosing Vietnam for your next trip.

A cheaper stay and cost of living

Who wouldn’t want to travel while saving money? ! This is what awaits you in Vietnam. It is indeed a destination that appears in the list of the cheapest destinations and yet very pleasant in the world. You can enjoy a luxury stay in an excellent hotel at an interesting price.

Accommodation and means of travel such as trains are affordable. You don’t risk ruining yourself by choosing to go to Vietnam.