How to prepare your vacations in Charente-Maritime Lebaladin

How to prepare your vacations in Charente-Maritime ?

This summer, with the crisis of the Covid-19, the French are not taking advantage of this opportunity’have had a lot of success’other choices than traveling in France. You are not’Are still not on vacation and are looking for the ideal destination to recharge your batteries, relax, and evacuate the stress accumulated during this troubled period ? In this case, choose Charente-Maritime, a department of the’West of France, which has many surprises in store for you. To help you plan your stay, we offer some ideas for visits.

The most beautiful cities of Charente-Maritime

The Charente-Maritime has an important cultural and historical heritage, thanks to its geographical location. The department is indeed an open door to the world’Atlantic Ocean. Also, its cities all have a certain charm.

La Rochelle, Brouage, Rochefort or Cognac are definitely worth a visit.

La Rochelle

It is difficult to visit the Charente-Maritime without going through La Rochelle, which is of great importance’elsewhere the prefecture of the department. La Rochelle is an exciting city to discover, it is simply unmissable. Before going to the Old Port, at sunset, take a look at the Grosse Horloge and at the’City Hall.

A walk along the shore of the sea’The ocean is also unforgettable. You like to party and want to discover the nightlife of the region ? Then, choose the Saint-Nicolas district !


By passing through Charente-Maritime, you will have the opportunity to visit Brouage, the’one of the most beautiful villages of France. It’s’act of’a medieval village dating back to the 14th century which, during the French Revolution, was transformed into a prison. The most impressive monument of Brouage is definitely its citadel.

However, you will also appreciate the walk in the old town, during which you will discover the’Typical Charente architecture.


Notice to all history and’history : don’t miss the visit of Rochefort, a city known for its arsenal. Transformed to the’As a military city during the time of Louis XIV, Rochefort gave birth to more than 500 ships. You may be familiar with the’Hermione, which is the most popular of the island’among all.

D’elsewhere, it is quite possible to visit it ! The Navy Museum is also worth a visit’eye.

The most beautiful islands of Charente-Maritime

If Charente-Maritime is known for its atypical cities, do not miss the visit of the islands of the region. You certainly know them, they are the most popular’act of the’island of’Oléron and Ré. Here are some ideas for outings and visits.

L’island of’Oléron

If you’re looking for’authenticity, then you will simply love the’île d’Oléron. Indeed, you will find there charming little villages typically from Charente, who melt into a preserved and wild nature. L’island of’Oleron actually puts the’emphasis on responsible tourism.

In addition, we suggest to the gourmets to taste the local specialities, in the’one of the restaurants labeled Assiette Saveurs.

L’island of Ré

You have a thirst for nature ? So, definitely visit the’island of Ré ! Here is the’ideal place for a bike ride along the sea or through the salt marshes. D’elsewhere, the’The island offers more than 100 km of bicycle path ! D’Other tourist sites should attract your attention, including the lighthouse of the Whales or the port of Saint-Martin-en-Ré.

Lighthouse of Whales - Lighthouse

The essential tourist sites of Charente-Maritime

To help you make your stay in Charente-Maritime an unforgettable one, we have selected a number of useful tips to check out before you leave’Other tourist sites to discover.

  • The City of’Oyster makes you discover the profession of’oyster farmer, in the heart of the’a unique and exceptional environment.
  • The Paleosite of Saint-Césaire: the curious, the passionate of the island will be delighted’and history lovers’archaeology will find their account there.
  • The Poitevin marshlands: this magical and enchanting natural area has many surprises in store for you. Visit it on the’water, or by bike !
  • Fort Boyard: you certainly know this fortress, which is a great place to visit’it is possible to’observe from the’one of the many cruise ships in the region.

Where to stay in Charente-Maritime ?

The Charente-Maritime is a tourist region: it welcomes French and foreign travelers all year round’year. As a result, the solutions of the’There are many places to stay in Charente-Maritime. You dream of reconnecting with nature ? You are looking for an accommodation available quickly ? In this case, camping in Charente-Maritime is the best solution for your budget.

There are several on the Charente coast also, you have the opportunity to select the solution most adapted to your budget, as well as to your needs’to your desires.