Why and where to taste the real Neapolitan pizza during a trip to Naples

Why and where to taste the real Neapolitan pizza during a visit?’a trip to Naples ?

Naples is a city as beautiful as it is complex. Its ancient origins, its proximity to Vesuvius, its sulphurous reputation are all unique characteristics that found the legend of the city. Many tourists flock here every year to discover its small streets or its sun, both of which are as flashy as the city itself’other.

Naples, c’is also the source of the’It is one of the most consumed and most diverted dishes in the world’It is only here that you can hope to see the city the real Neapolitan pizza. We tell you everything.

The real Neapolitan pizza and its mysteries

For Neapolitans, eating pizza in a fast food restaurant would be sacrilege. Indeed, the pizzas that the’You can order it anywhere in the world’They have nothing to do with their venerable ancestor. The real Neapolitan pizza, which legend has it that’it is the work of the’ingenuity of the people of the city, is in fact a dish with very simple ingredients.

Water, flour, salt and yeast for the dough. Peeled tomatoes, oil of’He uses olive oil, fior di latte, fresh basil for the topping with some variations. C’is all.

We gave you here the ingredients of the Margherita, the Marinara pizza adds of the’oregano and salt and excludes the cheese. It is therefore the quality of the ingredients, the characteristics of the pizza oven and of course the skill of the chef that is the key to success’craftsmen who make l’identity and success of’a Neapolitan pizza. But that doesn’t mean that everyone does what they want’he wants, on the contrary.

Diameter, thickness, cooking time or flexibility of the dough, each of these criteria obeys very strict standards.

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Where to taste a quality Neapolitan pizza in Naples ?

The real Neapolitan pizza can only be tasted by those who have a passion for it’in Naples, even if the’The quality of the oven, an essential element of the success of the emigration, has allowed many foreign pizzerias to be established in the country’Italy’to obtain nice successes, as for example the restaurant Bijou in Montmartre. Gino Sorbillo, who has won the title of best pizza in the world several times, works in Naples, and he is the only one who can offer the best pizza in the world’s name is Gino Sorbillo. Here, you will eat a simple dish, inexpensive and in a friendly atmosphere. This will surely make you forget that you are in the presence of a mountain’a true star of the pizza !

Another sacred site of Neapolitan pizza is located in the heart of the historic city. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is a real institution whose’The family story begins more than a century ago’a century. You might as well say that there is no lack of skills in the kitchen. La Starita is an equally experienced pizzeria that offers both traditional Neapolitan pizzas and more experimental pizzas whose composition sometimes includes mortadella or pistachios !

The qualities of the oven, an essential element of the success of the product’a pizza

With all these addresses, you will be able to taste the pleasures of the real Neapolitan pizza during your next trip to Italy. You can observe that’today’today the greatest pizza makers The Neapolitan pizza is no longer limited to Margherita or Marinara, but can be enjoyed in all its forms’hey are constantly looking for new combinations of flavors. All this of course while preserving the most essential traditions of their gastronomic heartland.