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African restaurants in Paris: our selection of the best places

Paris is rich in restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines, African cuisine is obviously one of them. African cuisine is characterized by an assortment of local products such as fruits, grains and vegetables, as well as milk and meat. The milk takes indeed a big place in this traditional cooking under classic form, but also of small milk and curdled milk.

Discover our selection of African restaurants that will make you travel and discover new flavors, all in the heart of Paris.

7 of the best African restaurants in Paris

In strategic areas or on the contrary more quiet, some establishments offer a wide range of dishes delicious African dishes to discover an unknown cuisine or to make the taste buds of the regulars sparkle. L’opportunity to s’The restaurant offers a different kind of meal, one that is different from the traditional restaurants that the city is known for’on s’usually granted for an outing with family, friends or lovers.

BMK Paris-Bamako

A restaurant that suits you straight from Bamako with fresh, full-flavored and spicy products. The decoration is friendly and welcoming in an establishment that aims to be a fusion between typical African cuisine and French know-how in dishes with generous quantities. You will be able to d’elsewhere enjoy many bowls for a complete meal, compact and increasingly popular in the’hexagon.

A generous establishment towards its customers, but also humanly since the restaurant supports humanitarian projects in Africa such as the creation of wells or the planting of trees’fruit tree. A fight to be discovered while enjoying a richly decorated environment held by a pleasant and friendly family.

Osè African Cuisine

A perfect establishment for the curious who want to indulge themselves with typical African typical African dishes. A fast food restaurant that will allow you to make a selection of good small dishes to take everywhere, original and spicy dishes that are delicious at any time of the day. You are invited to personalize your dishes for something perfectly to your image, nevertheless no panic since the novices are guided with great kindness by the staff on site.

The restaurant is sober and classic, the walls are all white and uncluttered, which encourages you to feel confident as soon as you step in the door. L’team is very smiling and friendly, an African fast food address to know or discover.

O’maki Paris

A traditional African restaurant that offers many original dishes, in a pleasant and warm brasserie offering all the flavors of African countries: from Senegal to the Ivory Coast, from Mali to the Congo through Cameroon. You will taste a delicious Thiéboudiène, but don’t miss the O’Maki from’a visit to the place, an assortment composed of braised chicken, braised beef skewer, braised lamb alocos accompanied by rice. The staff is very attentive, perfect for all the customers that’Whether they are used to this style of cuisine or not, they will find that it is a great way to enjoy a meal that is different from the usual’elsewhere.

The decoration of the restaurant is very successful, scattered with decorations reminding the different countries of the world’Africa bringing a big dose of authenticity’authenticity, but above all a proof of good taste and’attention to detail by the owners. A friendly atmosphere, where everyone feels good, which is warm in the heart of Paris.

Abyssinia Café Restaurant

A small Ethiopian restaurant waiting for you in a quiet street of the 20ᵉ arrondissement of Paris. At Abyssinia, friendliness is the key word, you will be welcomed with a smile, with the’We want to bring you a dose of happiness and good mood, and we eat with our fingers. The managers will offer you the greatest Ethiopian specialties including a Beyaynetou, a platter that gathers all the most popular and tasty dishes of the country.

The majority of the cuisine is prepared from the’injera, a patty associated with d’Other ingredients and various spices to enhance the natural taste of the food. Some vegetarian dishes are also present on the menu to allow everyone to come discover the flavors and delights of’Ethiopia and Italy’Africa.


Menelik is also 100% Ethiopian and offers many local specialties to discover. L’The atmosphere is extremely warm and pleasant for a cuisine with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Visit after visit, the’The welcome is always so friendly and pleasant, perfect to come and come back to discover all the African specialties offered by this restaurant.

Everything is cooked on site by the chef to pay tribute to Ethiopian know-how. Also note that every Friday and Saturday evening, you can discover the Ethiopian coffee ceremony for a little more than you would expect’We tell you everything about this pleasant and customary country in Africa.

Restaurant Massawa

A quality restaurant that offers fresh and delicious dishes at a reasonable price. The service is fast and efficient while remaining pleasant and smiling. Special mention for the vegetarian dish which is delicious and which will allow you to discover an African specialty without meat’another way because pleasure doesn’t always rhyme with preconceived ideas that African cuisine is not the same’one is made.

As in many other places, the’African restaurants, the portions are well filled for a generous service in a very interesting quality / price ratio. You can even opt for a well-stocked plate to share with friends, to enter in full cohesion with the African culture. The decoration of the Massawa restaurant is very successful, worked without making too much for a good experience.

7 of the best African restaurants in Paris

24 zones – African Restaurant

A restaurant that invites you to discover (or rediscover) the African cuisine and Congolese more precisely. 24 Zones, the restaurant that pays tribute to the culinary specialties of 24 cities of the Congo: Kasa-Vubu, Barumbu, Lingwala, Kintambo, Mont-Ngatula, Ngiri-Ngiri, Bumbu, Kinshasa, Gombe, Matete, Maluku, Ngaba, Ndjili, Kalamu, Kisenso, Kimbanseke, Lemba, Limete, Ngaliema, Selembao, Makala, Masina and Nsele. L’The welcome is very warm, personalized for each customer for a very pleasant experience.

A musical background is also present without being too loud.

The products prepared on the spot are fresh and very well seasoned for affordable and delicious dishes to discover or rediscover without moderation.