Top 3 of the most beautiful pyramids in Egypt

Discover the most beautiful Pyramids in Egypt

Bridge between Africa and the Middle East on the European continent, Egypt is a country known mainly for its old stories. Various monuments testify to the past of this destination and the best known are the pyramids. These are majestic constructions used at the time of the pharaohs as places of worship and tombs.

There are more than 120 pyramids on Egyptian territory. It is therefore difficult to visit them all. The best is to select only the most beautiful. Here they are :


The pyramid of Cheops or Great Pyramid of Giza is in the old list of seven wonders of the antiquity world. She is also the only wonder of this list which is always standing. If it is the best known and most popular of all it is because it is the largest and highest. It is therefore obvious that the most beautiful Pyramids in Egypt put on a repertoire begin with Cheops. Around it, there are temples, a roadway, cemeteries, a solar boat and annex pyramids.

Unlike other pyramids, Cheops has three funeral chambers that are not aligned. Its main room is inside. It is the most visited of all the pyramids in Egypt.



This pyramid is also on the Giza set, where Cheops is located. Smaller than the first, it dominates a rocky nipple and that suggests that it is greater. The pyramid of Khéphren is characterized by the fact that it is built on a non -flat soil.

She also has an external coating made in granite and higher, there is limestone. According to the words, this pyramid would have lent the features of the sphinx. This is 450 meters south-east of the complex. This construction is dedicated to Pharaoh Khéphren, son of Khéops. It is located southwest of that of her father.

It has a temple in Aswan pink granite which is called “temple of the valley” like all those who are near the Nile. It was used to receive the sarcophagus of the deceased after crossing the river.


Being the smallest of the three large pyramids on the Giza plateau, the MyKerinos pyramid has its own characteristics that make it interesting. Although its volume is only one tenth of that of Cheops, it has several decorations on the front of the palace. These are rectangular ornaments drawing false doors nested in each other.

It is of type with smooth faces. Its construction dates from the 4th dynasty during the old empire. She is the cenotaph of Pharaoh Neter Mykerinos. This pyramid is made of red granite of Aswan and white limestone of Tura.

It should be noted that this funeral complex was the third and last major royal project designed on the Giza set at the 4th Dynasty. To the west of the king’s pyramid, there is a temple of funeral worship which does not adjoin the flank of the pyramid. A peribole where the chapel of worship is located separates the two constructions.