4 organic restaurants to visit absolutely when you visit Paris

4 organic restaurants to visit absolutely when you visit Paris

Paris is the mythical city that attracts each year from many visitors. It includes monuments filled with stories, heavenly beaches and places open to events. The French capital is also popular for its varied accommodation and for its rich gastronomy. To this end, if you love meat dishes, you will find a specialized establishment in France in which you can feast at a low price. It is the same for the organic restaurants.

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The Labé de Chou restaurant

You have just walked the Parisian soil And you are looking for a organic restaurant which offers dishes with unique tastes ? If so, the restaurant The cabbage leaf is for you. Located at the address 70 rue des Rosiers 93400 Saint-Ouen, this establishment offers a healthy map of French tradition, giving pride of place to products. The cabbage leaf is a French organic brewery.

In addition, this chic place that makes customers travel is built under the sharp eye of Jérôme Banctel, chef 2 Michelin stars, who offers healthy dishes for the pleasure of residents and travelers. Regarding the budget to be expected to eat in this restaurant, everything will depend on what is ordered or the elements used to make the recipe. Go to Mob-House.com to reserve your table.

The restaurant Le Bichat

If you want eating Bio While preserving your budget, the Le Bichat restaurant is the ideal place for this. Located at 11 rue Bichat 75010, this establishment obtains organic foods produced locally. Its dishes are offered at attractive prices and it is open Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The restaurant L’Évattoir Vegetal

As said before, many organic restaurants are installed in Paris. While some only offer organic products, others make meat -based recipes as well as dishes from organic farming. In the vegetable slaughterhouse, vegetables and fruits are the only products used to compose dishes. So, if you want to eat organic and healthy, you must go to the address 61 rue Ramey 75018. The services are financially accessible.

In addition, you will be in good hands. Indeed, the couple who manage the place reserves a warm welcome to all their customers.

The supernature restaurant

Want to fill your stomach with you with Tasty and organic dishes ? The supernature restaurant will satisfy you. Like his competitors, he gets food from organic farming that come from local producers. It is located at 8, 12 and 15 rue Trevise, 75009.

Do not hesitate to take a look at this place during your stays in the French capital.

In short, to eat organic in Paris, you have to go to restaurants like The Cure, the Bichat, the Vegetable slaughterhouse or even supernature.