10 reasons not to take a round-the-world trip in 2017

Going on a world tour: a bad idea ?

Today, I take the time to give you my point of view on traveling around the world, this very fashionable trend of “Around the world”, often limited to the same cheap and sunny countries. This is why, in my opinion, traveling around the world for several months is a joke, or more concretely, a bad idea that will harm your life more than anything else !

Because you are too young

You have been told that traveling around the world when you are young makes you more open-minded and a better person ? In fact, when you are 20 years old, you are stupid. It’s not your fault but it’s a fact: you’re in excess, you don’t know anything, you think you’re always right and yet you don’t do much of anything; watch the TF1 news instead to learn how the world works, see BFM if you have more time.

Because the augmented reality replaces the real

The 20th century has allowed to progressively replace books, long and boring, by films and programs much shorter and more entertaining, allowing to learn more, faster. Today, virtual reality goes even further and already offers us the possibility to travel without moving .

As you will see below, it is no longer necessary to go to the other side of the world to dive in incredible seabeds. The helmets and virtual reality goggles allow you to live a dive without danger, risk of lack of oxygen, asthma or shark attack, as shown in the video below.

Because the world is very dangerous

We already told you in one of our articles, in Brazil, a city like Rio is particularly dangerous for tourists, especially women who travel alone. And this is not the only one. Crime is exploding everywhere, attacks on tourists too and we don’t even talk about wars ! In addition, Trump and the US don&#8217t like visas from certain countries (Iran, Yemen…) and can deny you access to the best country in the world just because you put your life in danger by traveling to areas where chaos reigns.

Because you won’t find your real “me”

Yes, it&#8217s well known, it&#8217s while sipping a cocktail on a beach of Ko Phi Phi, or better, while consuming some product during the Full Moon Party that you will find yourself, understand each other, and know which way to go ! No but be serious for a minute, the reality is that you don&#8217t want to work and that you are part of a lazy generation ! Today, the great businessmen and politicians travel around the world because they have earned it, they have proven themselves, not you.

Because accidents can happen

When you travel, you take unconsidered risks, you go out late at night, you talk to strangers, you sometimes sleep in dormitories… Travel is a multiplier of dangers and accidents. And since most travelers go on a world tour without insurance and without money to manage a repatriation, it&#8217s bingo for the hospitals on the spot, the unqualified doctors, the unhealthy equipment and the staff that doesn&#8217t speak your language at all (and anyway doesn&#8217t want to talk to you, you&#8217re just the patient) !

Because you are a sheep

You think you travel because you are different ? But no, it’s because you are a sheep ! The young people of the 80&#8217s, all of them, wanted the maximum material good, that was the trend, how to be cool. Today, to be successful, not in the eyes of old people, but in the eyes of other young people, you have to travel. In the end, once again, it is your environment and social pressure that dictate your desires.

You don’t believe me ? Is this really what you thought you were doing when you were younger? ? Today many young people travel because it feels good, more than because they really want to.

Because the tourists are unbearable

Be honest, do you really like tourists ? Probably not, and you will tell me that you, it is not the same, you are a traveler. It&#8217s all very well to think that, to place yourself on a higher level than other tourists, but the reality is cruel: you are one of the 1 billion tourists every year. And it is not because you are a backpacker that the locals will appreciate you more. You remain a tourist in their eyes, a bar code, a cash machine, and very often, with your cheapness as a world traveler, you do not give them satisfaction, but squat their country


A world tour makes you dirty and poor

Yes, often you sweat, you have few changes of clothes, not really well washed and the cold shower, no thank you, no kidding ! As a result, most of the backpackers are dirty, or they spend more money for the accommodation, and it’s money thrown out of the window, which will prevent you from starting a family and buying a house !