Christmas drinks : a world tour of the best recipes

Christmas drinks: a world tour of the best recipes

The French like to associate the Christmas holidays with the consumption of delicious drinks that warm the body and the heart. In our country, the Christmas drinks emblematic are of course the mulled wine and the cinnamon flavored teas. The range of beverages consumed at Christmas time, throughout the world, is extremely rich and varied.

A small gourmet tour.

The best hot wines in the world

In France, we are proud of our Christmas drinks and especially of our mulled wine. However, we forget that the recipe only came to us in the XXIIth century and that it took some time for it to become part of our consumption practices. Mulled wine comes from Austria, its birthplace, where it is called Gl├╝hwein.

If a number of countries in Europe, or in Central America, now have their hot wine recipes traditional, these last ones all derive from this common stock.

The traditional recipe for mulled wine with spices is unique, and it is Austrian. It consists in bringing to a boil a wine often red, but sometimes white, of inferior quality. Originating in ancient Rome, the preparation requires the addition of pepper, bay leaf and saffron.

Fruit and honey are added to finish, before being filtered. The drink is ready.

mulled wine

Make delicious Christmas drinks from home

Mulled wines have subsequently diversified, based on this recipe, in the whole world. The French have opted for a recipe based on cinnamon sticks and cloves, citrus fruits or apples. In Mexico, it is flavored with hawthorn, guava, prunes and hibiscus.

Tequila is often added, of course ! Similarly, the Swedes have adapted it to their culture, mixing in cardamom, ginger and vodka.

It is extremely easy to prepare an excellent mulled wine from home, inspired by the different cultures of the world. The trick is to stock up on the Christmas spices used on the islands the chosen recipe, and let yourself travel from your seat. These spices will be perfect in Christmas teas and will also be used in the preparation of delicious shortbread and cakes, to best accompany the tasting of these Christmas drinks.

Around the world in search of the original taste of Christmas drinks

But the range of Christmas drinks tasted around the world is much wider. To experience it, nothing better than to take advantage of the Christmas period to see the country. This will be a unique opportunity to taste a real Chilean mono cola, a preparation made with milk, coffee, eggs, spices and brandy.

Visiting Jamaica will allow you to dip your lips in a glass of sorrel punch, while Ireland will offer its famous Hot Teddy to other travelers at the same time.

Celebrating Christmas in many countries on the planet and this opens the door to many new gastronomic discoveries. Who knows if, having had the sole purpose of contemplating the magnificent landscapes of Hungary, such an adventurer will not come back with new recipes for Christmas drinks in his or her sack ?