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Getting married in Santorini : how to do it ?

You have always dreamed of getting married at the seaside or in an unusual setting ? Opt for a wedding abroad. And what better than the island of Santorini to fulfill all your wishes ? You will find a thousand and one sites adapted to a civil or religious ceremony. If you are tempted by the idea, follow these tips to know how to get married abroad getting married in Santorini.

The advantages of getting married in Santorini

During a stay in Santorini, you have fallen in love with the island and its scenery and you have decided to celebrate your wedding there. Wonderful idea ! Especially since a ceremony abroad is not an expensive expense.

By choosing this island as your wedding venue, you will have a choice of venues for the event. Sandy beaches in various shades, traditional buildings, picturesque villages… all possible settings are at hand.

You have proposed in Santorini ? Hold the ceremony in the place where it took place. This will reinforce your memories.

A wedding on this Greek island will also allow you to limit the number of guests. Indeed, you will not be forced to invite people you know little or not at all. Only your closest and dearest friends will receive an invitation card.

In this way, you will limit your expenses.

A wedding abroad will also allow you to party for several days. Ask your relatives to come a day or two before the ceremony. Have a good time before the big day. Discovery of romantic places in Santorini, walks and other activities will be on the program.

And the day after the wedding, organize a brunch to thank your relatives and to welcome them back.

How to organize your wedding in Santorini ?

Visit getting married in Santorini requires some preparation. It is best to use a wedding planner. The professional must be used to performing weddings abroad.

Choose a service provider who is familiar with the island and who knows the different shops that can provide all the necessary elements for your ceremony.

Selection of the place of the event, of the beautician for the bride, of the vehicle ensuring the transport of the couple, of the officiant… the professional will have to carry out various tasks and to answer your expectations.

In addition to planning the most beautiful moment of your life, you must also think about the administrative procedures for your union. If you want the local authorities to legalize your wedding, you will need a marriage certificate. This document is to be requested from the French embassy or consulate.

To get it, you’ll need to fill out a dedicated information form. You will also have to produce copies of your 2 birth certificates. These pieces must be at least 3 months old.

This period is doubled in the case where the document was issued abroad. Present it with its translation and legalization. Finally, you will need proof of French nationality and domicile or residence.

How to organize your wedding in Santorini?

Some tips for a successful wedding in Santorini

To make your wedding in Santorini a success, be thorough. Even if you hire a wedding planner, try to meet and talk with the different service providers who will be involved in the ceremony. If possible, discuss with the photographer.

You can then ask him which are the best places to take beautiful pictures in Santorini.

For a successful wedding in the greek islands, plan the event between May and October. It is the ideal season in the Mediterranean. However, beware of the summer vacation periods. Your plans could be disrupted by the arrival of tourists.

And if guests are due to arrive the day before the big day, remember that there is a time difference. Give them time to catch their breath.

Finally, after the ceremony, treat yourself to a moment together. Stay longer to relax. This is the key to a successful honeymoon in Santorini.

Make your wedding unforgettable with the’help from’a Wedding Planner

After reading these lines, you have a desire to go to a different place’exoticism for your wedding ? You the’have seen for the case of Santorini, c’It is quite feasible, but it is necessary to be attentive to the time limits imposed by the administrations for the papers, which can vary according to the countries. It is also necessary to think about the details such as the decoration, the clothes: are you going to bring some things in the country of destination, or are you going to buy everything on the spot ? Not to mention the party place, the restaurants..

Managing the’organization of’A wedding in France is already a lot of work, but organizing a wedding in the sun can be a lot of fun’It is all the more stressful since’you have to do everything from a distance. To take care of this mission with efficiency, we strongly recommend you to call a wedding planner. This specialist of the’The wedding planner knows well the practical and administrative aspects to be taken into account for a ceremony in Chartres’foreigner.

Moreover, this professional generally has a solid list of trustworthy service providers, and will thus be able to propose you formulas adapted to your wishes while finding advantageous rates.