How to organize a move to Belgium when you expatriate

How to organize a move in Belgium when you are not sure of your location?’expatriate ?

Despite the Covid 19 crisis and travel restrictions, Belgium is still a very attractive destination for French experts’expatriation remains a choice widely shared by French employees. Desire to change’environment, search for’A more suitable living environment or professional opportunities are some of the reasons that push French people to take the road, especially to Belgium. So, how do you How to organize a move in Belgium when you choose to move’Moving to this attractive region ? Answers.

Belgium, an attractive land for the French

Belgium has long been a country where a land of’privileged expatriation for the French. The linguistic and cultural proximity, the equivalent standard of living, but also the warmth and comfort of the country’The hospitality of the Belgians are all good reasons to try the interface that you like the most’moving adventure’a move in Belgium. Even better, the country is a land of opportunity’This is especially true in Brussels where the heart of the organization is located’Europe communautaire has chosen to’elect residence.

In 2018, there were indeed nearly 130,000 French people in Belgium the vast majority of whom reside in Brussels. The European capital is indeed an attractive employment hub but not only. Life in Belgium is full of cultural events and the quality of life is much higher than in other countries’You can find them in France in cities like Lyon, Marseille or Paris.

Organizing a move in Belgium to the royal lands of the North is therefore a common undertaking.

organization of the move Belgium

Organizing a move to Belgium with a professional

However, organizing a move in Belgium requires a certain competence in the matter. Indeed, the distances are often long, regardless of the region of France where you are moving to’where the’you can’expatriate. Calling on a professional mover is therefore particularly recommended to simplify the planning, the installation and the maintenance of your belongings’s organization and the realization of the project’operation.

With years of experience, Belgium is a great place to live’experiences, the’The company of removal assures you indeed a service of high quality.

It takes care of’We will be happy to offer you the opportunity to move to Belgium a moving quote in Belgium within 24 hours only after you have completed the online form. D’on the other hand, the’The company offers various formulas that allow everyone to move to Belgium’I wanted to adapt the service according to my particular needs. When you know the variety of personal and professional situations, you understand the importance of moving to Belgium’This service is both flexible, economical and efficient.

Moving to Belgium: formalities

Organizing a move in Belgium should always be done in a professional way’s help’a professional for the transport of your goods. Not only does this guarantee the security of your belongings and limits the fatigue inherent to the’organization of’It is not only a task, but it also allows you to benefit from the advice of a professional moving company’experts. The long experience of’A brand name allows it to be used in a variety of ways’To accompany the customers and to answer their questions with precision on the steps to be carried out for example.

Moving to or from Belgium is often the specialty of the’The company will be able to transport your belongings to Brussels, Gent, Antwerp or any other place in the kingdom. It will also remind you regulatory obligations that you have to take care of during the festival’Moving to France and Belgium. For example, you will have to open a bank account in the country, obtain your European health card or declare your tax home in France or Belgium.