The natural swimming pools of Cavu in the village of Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio in South Corsica

The natural pools of Cavu in the village of Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio in South Corsica

Located 12 km from our house, you will be quickly transported into the beautiful landscape of these natural pools. C’is a must visit if you come to Pinarello. The Cavu River offers beautiful natural pools known for their calm and beauty.

Take a dip in the pool’crystal clear water that forms the natural pools, you will be surprised to see how much the’The water can be hot.

To know about the Natural Swimming Pools of Cavu, Zonza

The Natural Swimming Pools are perfect for a cool bath when the water can be hot’on a hot and scorching day. L’The clear and transparent water of the pools invites you to bathe in complete tranquility. Soak up these quiet waters to relax after a hectic week. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenery, the’place offers many panoramic views. L’place is also equipped with clean public toilets.

You can also eat on the go at the snack bar. An ideal place to enjoy the sun’a day with friends or family, head towards it the time to rest on the rocks’a weekend. The Genoese tower of Fautea overlooks the beautiful white sandy beach of the same name as well as the wild and authentic beach of the’Ovu Santu. To reach this small paradise, go to the Taglio Rosso in the village of Sainte Lucia in Porto Vecchio.

Pass the park of Cuva’adventure and enjoy the calm of the mountain. A parking lot is available for everyone.

Natural pools of Cavu

How to go to the natural swimming pool of Cavu Zonza

Since Cuva is a fairly long river, there are several routes leading to the pool. Only, the D168A towards Taglio Rosso is a way if you go in the direction of Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio. In this route, some bathers already enjoy the part near the bridge of Conca. But to better appreciate nature in all its color, it is advisable to go a little further in the park accrobranche where the hikers can also enjoy the walks on the rocky sides following along the river and the forests that plant to some put following also along the pool.

On the other hand for travelers by car, they can still go a little further to the “three sources. They can thus contemplate the meandering shape with hollows of the river to entice them to bathe. It really makes you want to spend some time in this natural pool.

Take some time to rest on the rocks

Passing in this direction, it would be a real shame not to spend some time resting on the rocks or swimming in the river. The rocks are already round and smooth enough from the erosion where you can rest, sunbathe and take a little selfie to immortalize this beautiful memory. Quietly without any noise except the trickling of the river to lull your rest, this place promises you a moment of heavenly time. So, if you decide to go there in summer, don’t forget to visit the’don’t forget your sun cream