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6 ideas for an unusual weekend for lovers

You wish to share a moment only with nature?’with your partner ? You want to break the codes and go to the beach’romantic adventure ? Take your suitcases and head for original and unusual destinations for the time being’a weekend. As an alternative to the classic vacation, this stay offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique and romantic experience’The opportunity to enjoy a weekend in a gypsy caravan’an incredible night and to leave invigorated following this unusual weekend. Discover the most original ideas to spend an unforgettable weekend.

A tree house

At 5, 10 or even 20 meters above the ground, the tree houses offer couples the fabulous memory of being in a tree house’an unusual weekend. They promise a 100% special stay in the cœof nature. You will be able to visit every corner of the cabin and marvel at the magnificent view that is so much more than you can imagine’offers you an incredible night.

C’It is a relaxing and original experience with your loved one while enjoying the beauty of the countryside’adrenaline.

A bit like the hôsuch as these, you can find cabins for all tastes, from the most traditional to the most modern. On this page, for example, you will be able to enjoy a weekend in a cabin equipped with’a jacuzzi, a sauna, a sauna’a spa or’a private sauna. You can also take advantage of your stay to make a hike in the forest for two.

Between an idyllic night and a bucolic stroll, your weekend is sure to delight you for to fill up on energy’energy.

A weekend in a gypsy caravan

Let yourself be seduced by a weekend of’exception with a breathtaking view by spending a weekend in a gypsy caravan. Thanks to the electric heating with which most of them are equipped, you can choose to stay in a tree house’to stay there in summer as well as in winter. This cocoon out of time and cozy will delight you and its decoration taken care of to perfection will leave you speechless.

In the gypsy caravan, you will be directly in contact with nature and immersed in an atypical and rejuvenating place. You and your partner will take a leap into the past by rediscovering the way of life of the nomadic peoples. Its enchanting decor will favour your change of scenery.

Moreover, its undeniably poetic universe will make you travel, far from the daily stress. Installed in a colorful and cheerful environment, the gypsy caravan is the perfect refuge for an unusual weekend in love.

A stay in glamping

Association of « glamour » and of « camping », glamping is a kind of improved camping. A mix of natural beauty and modern luxury. Without sacrificing your comfort, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a’You will have the opportunity to live an unusual and romantic stay in the most beautiful landscapes.

While respecting the environment’You can also enjoy a private sauna’very atypical accommodations like Amerindian teepees or lodges.

The glamping will allow you to’You will be able to admire sumptuous landscapes with all the necessary to ensure your comfort. With no equipment to carry, you can enjoy the comfort of the train vast spaces even if you don’t have a suitcase’You don’t have a sleeping bag or a tent.

A romantic night in a barge

Renting a houseboat for a romantic night has something of a romance about it’unusual and very romantic. If you wish to live a new adventure with your darling, it is a good idea to go to a tree house’is the ideal solution. Directly on the beach’water, that’It sails lazily on calm waters or on the sea’The barge, which circulates in large cities, will allow you to see the landscapes of the region’another one œit.

With the exotic and especially intoxicating decor, you will be divinely rocked by the s movements’water.

Source of’Extremely soothing, the barge trip will invite you to rest. L’advantage is that you will be able to contemplate panoramas You can enjoy a variety of activities from the comfort of your accommodation. Let yourself and your lover embark on a relaxing and original adventure.

A transparent bubble

If you are a nature lover, this extraordinary experience is for you. Spend a romantic weekend in the middle of nature, in the fresh air’shelter from pollution is simply a privilege. Imagine yourself in these singular PVC structures nestled in the sea’one against the other’the warmth of the other.

You will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and admire the sky at 360°.

Do you want it semi-crystalline to be wrapped in softness or transparent like a drop of water?’water ? These bubbles will allow you to fall asleep peacefully while admiring the stars from your bed. In summer as well as in winter, sleeping under the stars is particularly appreciated. All your senses will be awakened and you will live a romantic and unusual experience under the starry sky.

You will be able to sleep in privacy thanks to the surrounding vegetation. Pines, white oaks, vast plains, snow-capped peaks will be your backdrop for a unique experience weekend full of sensations.

A stay in a Mongolian yurt

Originally from Mongolia, the yurt will undoubtedly leave you with pleasant memories. With its circular and cozy interior, it allows to share a pleasant and intimate moment around the stove. L’atmosphere that will make you feel at home’It offers you the opportunity to go to the heart of theœd’a an unusual place.

The culture of’the origin of the yurt gives it a balance guaranteed by spirits and cosmic forces. The deep animistic beliefs are anchored there. Thus, without having to make the trip to the airport, you can enjoy the comfort of your own home’in Central Asia, you will be able to immerse yourself in the rich and exciting traditions.

unusual weekend ideas for lovers

Pack your bags and come live with your soulœon the’unique experience of’a weekend in a yurt like the Mongolian people. For more comfort, some yurts have a floor in order to allow you to relax’the barge is insulated from the ground. There are also some that are equipped with’a stove of’gas powered. All the conditions are met for you to spend an unforgettable weekend in love.

Much more than’a simple unusual weekend, this kind of’escapade with your spouse promises a pleasant awakening of the senses. Feel the’The smell of the wood, the sound of the wind, the smell of the water’s fresh air are so many advantages’advantages that these particular weekends will offer you. N’So don’t hesitate any longer, pack your bags and head for the go to the’adventure.