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Cité des sciences et de l’industrie : Prices & tickets

The city of science and industry is a center of attraction dedicated to the promotion of knowledge as well as scientific and technological innovations. It is accessible to both science enthusiasts and neophytes. Let’s discover this monument to visit during your trip in the city of Paris.

History of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

Located in the 19th arrondissement of the city of France within the multi-dimensional park of La Villette, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is a place of discovery and immersion in the world of science and technology.

It was built on the initiative of the President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. Indeed, the Villette was occupied by slaughterhouses of animals. In 1977, the President launched a project to rehabilitate the Villette into a museum of science and technology.

The structure of the monument was realized by the architect Adrien Fansilber with the support of the engineer Gérard Chamayou. The inauguration of the jewel was effective on March 13, 1986 by President François Mitterrand during the meeting between the astronomical probe Giotto and Halley’s Comet.

It is an impressive building made up of several levels that offer various services.

Visit the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

Since its opening to the public in 1986, the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie has welcomed more than 80 million visitors of all ages. You will discover several spaces and services. Among the spaces we have the Explora, which houses most of the permanent exhibitions of the center.

These have various themes such as mathematics, sounds, light games, the ocean, the car, rocks, volcanoes, stars and galaxies… Explora occupies levels 1, 2 and 3 of the City.

Then there is the Library of Science and Industry which occupies 3 floors. There is a general public area, an area for children and an area dedicated to the history of science. You can also watch films, documentaries, cartoons… in this space thanks to the interactive terminals.

The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie also offers a Cité des enfants, a Cité de la santé, a Cité des métiers. You will attend conferences, symposiums, debates… on scientific topics.

In addition, you can enjoy its picnic area located on the first level and buy books and toys very edifying in its store located on the first level.

In case you did not bring your picnic, you can eat in one of the restaurants of the Cité which are located on the second level. The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie is open to all, as a place for sharing and meeting.

Whatever your level of knowledge, you will discover science, technology and industrial techniques. What are the rates for visits to the Cité des sciences et de la technologie ?

Rates and tickets for visits

The Rates for visits to the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie are available in individual and group rates. For individual visitors, the regular rate is 12 euros for adults aged 25 to 64. However, some discounts are available.

Full price 12€
Reduced rate 9€

Thus, people under 25 years old and those over 65 years old will pay 9 euros upon presentation of a document proving their age. The same applies to holders of a valid large family card as well as to staff working at the Ministry of National Education on presentation of their function card.

Moreover, access is free for unemployed people on presentation of a valid document for less than 6 months. Your entrance ticket entitles you to a screening at the Louis Lumière cinema and at the Argonaute. To avoid queues, be sure to reserve your place in advance.

As for group rates, they are divided into school rates and extracurricular rates. School groups will pay 4.50 euros per person to visit the Cité des enfants. A special rate of 2.50 euros per child is available for school groups belonging to the “Priority Education Network”.

For the children of the Kindergarten and the Elementary school, it is respectively offered a free entry for 5 paying entries and a free entry for 12 paying entries. Extracurricular groups will pay 4.50 euros per person to enter the Cité des enfants. Children from 2 to 7 years old will get a free admission for every 5 paid entries to the said Cité.

In addition, one free entry is offered for every 12 paid entries for children aged 5 to 12. In addition, if you are a holder of one of the City of Paris Passes, you will benefit from exceptional rates for visits.

The Paris Passlib’ and the Paris Museum Pass

To visit the site the Paris Passlib, the Paris must-sees, The city’s Tourism and Congress Office offers two tourist cards: the Paris Passliband the Paris Museum Pass.