The new solutions to save money while going on vacation

The new solutions to save money while going on vacation

The D-day has arrived. After months of hard work, meetings and stress, it’s time to go on vacation. It is the fruit of weeks of organization, research of offers and good plans, increased preparation.

But now it’s time to relax.

Sea, Sun & … Budget !

You will be able to relax, visit, have a good time, take pictures, PRO-FI-TER. However, a shadow to the idyllic picture persists. Your only obsession now is not to blow your budget.

It’s true that it would be a pity to have to go back early because you did some crazy things or a big unforeseen event decided to show its nose. Fortunately, solutions exist to minimize expenses on the way.


This system is now anchored in our habits. You have empty spaces for a journey of several tens or hundreds of kilometers ? Why not offer them for sale on a specialized platform ? This new trend combines practicality and ecology. The co-carriers participate in the financing of the full tank of fuel to make the trip route. In addition, it allows you to discover new faces and meet new people.

An exclusive moment to share anecdotes, music, or have a quiet moment. The journey will be only fun.

solutions for saving money on vacation


Transporting people, ok but why not transporting packages ? Who has never had the problem of being at point A, having to find a place to go? send a package You can take a large or small car to a point B without having to use your credit card ?

Today, it is possible. The co-transportation is theSending of parcels through private individuals. A particular conveyor makes a journey of 500km.

It just so happens that you have to send a package to the same place as its destination. Why not offer a financial compensation to put your company in a 3 or 4 star hotel for the nights? package in your car ?

This practical and environmentally friendly way makes everyone a winner: your parcels The driver arrives at the destination without breaking your piggy bank and the driver receives a few euros in exchange. The platform Cocolis is the first 100% insured parcel sharing website. It is essential in its field for send a parcel easily.

The platform has been awarded several times and knows many partners.