What are the essential accessories to leave on a trip

The essential accessories for a trip

Going on a trip is a project that requires careful preparation. From the destination, to the accommodation, to your rooms, to the equipment, everything must be taken into account. Whether it’s for a short or long stay, you’ll need a few common accessories to get you through your stay.

To help you prepare, here is a list of essential travel accessories that will make your life easier.

Accessories for transport and storage

When you are on the move, you need accessories to carry and store your important things. Ideally, you need a cover from protection to protect your bag from scratches and dirt during the trip (whether by bus, plane, etc.).). With the possibility to lock it and to store other things when you return, the cover is a security and comfort accessory.

The storage pockets allow you to store underwear, T-shirts, electronic equipment, medicines, beauty products and other. A shoulder bag is good for storing your ID, bank card, phone, travel tickets, passport and other frequently used items. A waterproof bag is also essential if you like to practice nautical activities or if you go on a trip during rainy periods. It protects your computer, laptop, electronic equipment and other belongings from water and moisture.

When lounging by the beach, consider a round beach towel for comfort.

Accessories for electronic equipment

There are electronic accessories such as headphones, external battery and universal adapter that you should not forget when preparing for your trip.

A universal adapter

This accessory is very useful to be able to recharge your phone in case of need. Indeed, in some countries, the need will not be felt, but it is always good to prepare yourself accordingly. You’ll need a universal adapter with one or two USB ports.

An external battery

With the low battery life of smartphones, it is more prudent to travel with a battery External battery in reserve. It will help you recharge your phone in the evening or during the day. If you have it with you, don’t forget it in your hotel room.

A headset or wireless headphones

During the trip, you need a headset if you have enough space or wireless headphones. These accessories have the common role of isolate from noise pollution outdoor. The noises and conversations around you will not disturb anymore.

Accessories for hygiene and health

For your hygiene during your stay, you’ll need a towel to protect your skin Toilet bag in hook model to hang it up in the bathroom. You should also compose an emergency kit with medicines, anti-sun, anti-mosquito cream, antiseptic spray and other necessities. Always for hygiene and health, do not forget your microfiber bath towel for your nights in camping or youth hostel.

Accessories for comfort and food

When you travel, you won’t spend all your time eating in restaurants. So think of taking with you a Swiss knife, a mug, of covered and a filtering gourd to drink drinking water. The gourd is the most important to keep you hydrated all day long.

For the comfort, you absolutely need a sheet to sleep (not very bulky), a travel pillow, a sleep mask and earplugs. All this will allow you to have a good stay, whatever your destination.